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New Ownership Announcement

February 22, 2009

I have exciting news to share with you about the unique and beautiful Crystal Kinetic and Virtual Perspective artwork with which you are familiar.  Recently Jeff Johnson, the previous owner, artist and innovator of these processes, transferred ownership of his works and his proprietary techniques to me.


Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Pessa Kayla Finn and I conduct business under the name PK’s Galleria.  I am now the sole authorized artist to produce the remaining prints in Jeff Johnson’s limited editions. The prints will still bear Jeff’s name.


For a limited time, Jeff’s art is available at the same prices and under the same terms as previously. As supply decreases, his work will increase in value, so I encourage collectors and patrons to take advantage of this arrangement while it is in effect.


I have also begun production of my own artwork using Jeff’s extraordinary techniques.  In the short term, I will be updating both the printed and internet versions of Jeff’s catalog.  I am pleased to announce that I offer an inventory of my pieces using the Crystal Kinetic and Virtual Perspective processes.


Custom pieces created from pictures of your choosing are available also. If this option interests you, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to provide specifications regarding the pictures and other details.

I welcome your inquiries and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. I am updating my business contact information and would greatly appreciate including your email address, phone and fax numbers if you would be so kind as to share them with me.  Thanks!

Pessa Kayla Finn
PK's Galleria
Phone:  (414) 444-4770 or (800) 664-4802
3276 N. 52nd St.
Milwaukee WI 53216

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